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It's a question about pricing..

"Why don't you put prices on your cake you show" seems to be the #1 question I get....and in answering this here I hope to demystify this question...but if I don't well then it will remain my #1 question..and I will continue to answer it. :)

  I don't put prices on my cake photos simply because cake prices typically change with each customer who inquires about them. ..see how easy that was!?!

   I guess I could put a marginal price range on a cake but I think it could still be confusing for people..thinking they are going to get a high detailed, 3 tier cake for $60,  (believe me..people have thought that) and get dissapointed when I tell them the actual price of thier cake..but thats because they wanted a lot of hand crafted details and sculptures and larger sizes. If I don't value my one will and I will just fail at this venture. I am very honest with my husband, family and friends think I am doing to much for too little. But I also WANT to make clients great cakes for their events and in doing so have worked within their budgets to get a cake they want..and it usually turns into a win win situation!

  Well I hope that helps in answering that question..feel free to ask me any more questions, any time ;)

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