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Summer is fast approaching..

..and that means outdoor parties and especially garden weddings!

The sun is shining and the sky is are in bloom and so is love... children want to be more outside to explore and soon to be brides are deciding how they want their decorations to hang for invited guests.

As all that sounds so lovely please keep in mind that though we love those long warm summer days and nights...cakes normally dont :(

I have yet to have any cake collapse from heat trouble but horror stories abound all over the cake world about melting frosting, crumbling cakes, bugs crawling onto icing and uneven ground for cake tables..resulting in a fallen over cake!

Always be prepaired for the worse on hot days with your is best to have them in a covered spot with shade if you REALLY need them to be outside.

With that being said please take a moment to read my "Terms" page as I am not responsable for damage done to any cake due to outside conditions.

Also I have a beautiful bug net for rent that makes wedding cakes look so dreamy while covering the cake and the inside spokes you can hang sparkly stars or poms from them.

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