"A party

without cake is just a meeting"

            Julia Child

A naked cake created for a Summer forest wedding.

    Vanilla butter cake with raspberry and raspberry cream, seasonal berries and red grapes

  Photo courtesy of Mrs. Frailey.



...to Whimsy Cakes! 

   Making beautiful cakes has been a part of my families history for a very long time. My great grandmother and grandmother made cakes for social gatherings, their church and their children. My mother spent most of her days, as I do, baking happily in the kitchen creating all types of home cooked goodies with love. We would come home after school or other functions to sweet or savory smells from the kitchen, we couldn't wait to dig in! My grandmother and mother were traditional bakers and decorators and their sweets delighted young and old. 

I now have live chat available to answer any questions you may have, please keep in mind if I do not answer via live chat in a timely manner I can not respond to any questions once you leave so please go to my contact page to send a inquiry with your email so I can send a reply.  Facebook is also a great way to send your inquiries and is as simple as clicking the Facebook symbol to reach me. 


2022 Availability

Here is the newly updated availability schedule for 2022 (reminder, 2021 is booked up currently).

January is now FULLY BOOKED!


1st-13th BOOKED

14th-20th one spot left

21st-28th BOOKED


1st-6th one spot left

7th-13th BOOKED

14th-20th one spot left

21st-27th one spot left

28th-April 3rd BOOKED


1st-10th BOOKED

11th-17th three spots left

18th-24th three spots left

25th-May 1st two spots left


2nd-9th BOOKED

10th-15th BOOKED

16th-29th BOOKED

30th-June 5th BOOKED


6th-19 BOOKED

20th-26th two spots left

27th-July 3rd one spot open


4th-10th BOOKED

11th-17th four spots open

18th-24th BOOKED

25th-31st three spots open


1st-7th two spots open

8th-21st BOOKED

22nd-28th two spots open

29th-September 4th three spots open


5th-11th four spots open

12th-18th four spots open

19th-25th three spots open

26th-October 2nd four spots open


3rd-9th four spots open

10th-16th four spots open

17th-23rd BOOKED

24th-November 1st BOOKED


2nd-6th three spots open

7th-13th two spots open

14th-20th four spots open

21st-December 4th BOOKED


5th-11th two spots open

12th-18th three spots open

19th-January 4th, 2023 BOOKED

Please Read....

I just love this time of year when the trees exchange their luscious greens to fiery reds and gold, however... It also becomes the start of my nightmarish trip to our large storage shed.. where I have to climb into the rafters to retrieve my beloved Halloween decorations while keeping my limbs and head from snagging all the massive funnel webs made by our communal wood spiders.... they get massive here and luckily I'm not terribly afraid of spiders but still don't want to be bit.

And onto the boring stuff:

CURRENTLY I AM OVER BOOKED FOR OCTOBER!!! This means I'm going to be working my butt off this month and might not be able to talk to customers till all orders are completed for the week. I am a one person show....I don't have a crew, I do the customer service, take the orders, draw the layouts, buy the ingredients and supplies, pick up flowers, send invoices ON TOP of baking, decorating and cleaning/sterilizing then delivering/setting up or scheduling pickups...ON TOP of taking care of my family including my father... So please BE PATIENT when waiting for a response, it is most appreciated

By Dee

Whimsy Cakes