"A party

without cake is just a meeting"

            Julia Child

A naked cake created for a Summer forest wedding.

    Vanilla butter cake with raspberry and raspberry cream, seasonal berries and red grapes

  Photo courtesy of Mrs. Frailey.



...to Whimsy Cakes! 

   Making beautiful cakes has been a part of my families history for a very long time. My great grandmother and grandmother made cakes for social gatherings, their church and their children. My mother spent most of her days, as I do, baking happily in the kitchen creating all types of home cooked goodies with love. We would come home after school or other functions to sweet or savory smells from the kitchen, we couldn't wait to dig in! My grandmother and mother were traditional bakers and decorators and their sweets delighted young and old. 

I now have live chat available to answer any questions you may have, please keep in mind if I do not answer via live chat in a timely manner I can not respond to any questions once you leave so please go to my contact page to send a inquiry with your email so I can send a reply.  Facebook is also a great way to send your inquiries and is as simple as clicking the Facebook symbol to reach me. 


Please Read....

Happy November!

You know.. I always considered this month the starting of the stormy season and this Friday we got a decent amount of wind and rain, enough to threaten me with a power outage while trying to complete a very detailed cake order! I was on the tail end of finishing the order(working on it 24+ hours strait) when the lights started to really flicker around 3am so I ended up buckling down and got it done right as the storm passed.

                                      ***PLEASE NOTE***

I'm still not taking new orders for 2023 unless you are a client of Copper Gables Barn or Sweet Moments by Brittany photography and apologize for the inconvenience. Please reach out to Gotti's Sweets in Olympia or Celebrity Cakes in Tacoma for your cakey needs for next year

You WILL continue to see new posts/photos in 2023 because:

1. I'm still filtering though photos of past customer orders, as far back as summer of 2022, and will be scheduling posts months in advance to keep my business page updated.

2. I do have orders on the books for 2023 I took last year, up till last June, when I posted I was taking time off to care for family. So you'll see some of those orders freshly posted.

3. I have plans for occasional personal projects and possible competition pieces to work on in-between down time as well as my own family celebration cakes.

4. I will continue updating any changes to my terms of service, prices(since prices are STILL rising in ingredients and gas) and future operations.

Please feel free to reach out to me for any questions you may have and thank you ALL for your understanding!


By Dee

Whimsy Cakes