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Welcome.... Whimsy Cakes! 

   Making cakes has been part of my families history. My grandmother made cakes for social gatherings and her own children's parties. As for my mother she spent most of her days, as I do, in the kitchen making all types of home cooked goodies. Coming home to sweet or savory smells from the kitchen we couldn't wait to dig in! My grandmother and mother were traditional bakers and decorators and their sweets delighted young and old. 


I now have live chat available to answer any questions you may have, please keep in mind if I do not answer via live chat in a timely manner I can not respond to any questions once you leave so please go to my contact page to send a inquiry with your email so I can send a reply.  Facebook is also a great way to send your inquiries and is as simple as clicking the Facebook symbol to reach me. 

A naked cake created for a Summer forest wedding.

    Vanilla butter cake with raspberry and raspberry cream, seasonal berries and red grapes

  Photo courtesy of Mrs. Frailey.

Please Read..

Hello friends near and far,

How dramatically life has changed for all of us around the world in the past few weeks, days, and now even hours. What started as whispered possibilities in our local news at the beginning of the year has escalated into a pandemic, the likes we have never had to face, not as a generation, nor as a people - in over a century.
To the family, friends and loved ones of those who have fallen prey to this silent killer my heart goes out to you. To the doctors and nurses and medical staff on the front lines risking their own health, I send thoughts of love and light, you are true heroes of this plight.
Upon entering truly uncharted waters and while nothing can be certain, I am taking every necessary step to ensure the safety of my customers and my family as well with efforts to prevent illness and flatten the curve of COVID-19.
I have implemented protocols to prevent illness so that I can continue to prioritize the health and safety of both my customers and family during this time and set your mind at ease:
Hand washing has always been priority #1 in my household and a good cure of spreading germs by hand and is done every time I leave the work area, touch my face or any time I feel it needs to be done. We have raised our water heater temp, safely, to help kill anything we wash off into our septic.
All utensils are heat/steam sanitized in-between each order with larger equipment and work area sanitized with food safe products.
I am the only person who handles your order at every process with orders stored in refrigeration designated ONLY for cake/dessert orders.
Disposable gloves are used when handling raw ingredients and creating cakes with the exception of sculpting as gloves leave marks, hands are cleaned always prior to wearing gloves or working on orders.
Foot traffic in my work area is kept at a minimum and any person coming into that space MUST wash their hands prior to touching anything as well as keep a distance away from any orders I am working on at the time.
Currently I have been leaving my home once a week to purchase both work and family essentials early in the am while consumer shopping is at a low to distance myself for both my family and customers safety. I also utilize my Amazon Prime account to order products which are left on my patio bench to minimize person to person contact. As quite a few of you know I live in a private community that is 20 minutes away from the mainstream part of our little town/city of Yelm and is nestled deep in the woods which also helps with being away from crowds. During this critical time, I know that for most, delivery is the only option for customers and would be FREE to my customers within a 30 mile radius to your home(please mention this when making a online order to get this discount) during the month of April. I use every precaution to minimize contact such as message upon arrival and leaving your order safely on your doorstep. Unfortunately due to the current stricter regulations I am unable to set up your order within your home.
In light of all the stresses this worldly situation is causing, if you feel it is in you and your families best interest that you move your order date please know that I will do my utmost best to accommodate your request. If you feel you need to cancel your order and have paid a retainer rest assured that your money is saved in your account for your next order and have not lost it. Because I am a small business, I cannot refund your retainer without putting a financial burden on my own family and appreciate your understanding.
Finally, I know there is a lot of information out there on what to buy, and I also know that cakes/desserts are nowhere near the top of any priority, preparedness or safety list. So, I humbly thank you all for your continuing support and for taking the time to read this. I hope we can all weather this together and, most importantly, I hope you, your family, friends and loved ones stay healthy and safe.

 With love and light,
The Ragsdale family

By Dee

Whimsy Cakes