"A party

without cake is just a meeting"

            Julia Child



...to Whimsy Cakes! 

   Making cakes has been part of my families history. My grandmother made cakes for social gatherings and her own children's parties. As for my mother she spent most of her days, as I do, in the kitchen making all types of home cooked goodies. Coming home to sweet or savory smells from the kitchen we couldn't wait to dig in! My grandmother and mother were traditional bakers and decorators and their sweets delighted young and old. 

I now have live chat available to answer any questions you may have, please keep in mind if I do not answer via live chat in a timely manner I can not respond to any questions once you leave so please go to my contact page to send a inquiry with your email so I can send a reply.  Facebook is also a great way to send your inquiries and is as simple as clicking the Facebook symbol to reach me. 

A naked cake created for a Summer forest wedding.

    Vanilla butter cake with raspberry and raspberry cream, seasonal berries and red grapes

  Photo courtesy of Mrs. Frailey.

Please Read..

Greetings my friends! I hope you ALL have been able to enjoy a little sunshine and calmness where ever you may be in this big world that feels so small as of late.

Currently I am booked out to October! If you are inquiring about July and August, I am OVER booked with orders that were moved from March and April and can no longer take orders for those months. I have limited availability the rest of the year and am taking orders for next year.

As we head into hottest time of the year don't forget that warm/hot weather can create cake disasters! It is up to the customer to make sure they have a cool/cold place to store their orders so that no damage occurs to the cake or other dessert. All orders are kept in my cake cooler till picked up or kept in a cold conditioned vehicle safely for delivery transport. Cakes can NOT be left in vehicles even for 5 minutes with out air conditioning or risk massive damage and integrity loss! 

By Dee

Whimsy Cakes

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