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"A party

without cake is just a meeting"

            Julia Child

A naked cake created for a Summer forest wedding.

    Vanilla butter cake with raspberry and raspberry cream, seasonal berries and red grapes

  Photo courtesy of Mrs. Frailey.

Welcome.... Whimsy Cakes! 

   Making beautiful cakes has been a part of my families history for a very long time. My great grandmother and grandmother made cakes for social gatherings, their church and their children. My mother spent most of her days, as I do, baking happily in the kitchen creating all types of home cooked goodies with love. We would come home after school or other functions to sweet or savory smells from the kitchen, we couldn't wait to dig in! My grandmother and mother were traditional bakers and decorators and their sweets delighted young and old. 

I now have live chat available to answer any questions you may have, please keep in mind if I do not answer via live chat in a timely manner I can not respond to any questions once you leave so please go to my contact page to send a inquiry with your email so I can send a reply.  Facebook is also a great way to send your inquiries and is as simple as clicking the Facebook symbol to reach me. 

Happy March everyone!

We had a small touch of early spring last month which I noticed caused some insects to hatch early. I saw some moths... STINK BUGS, etc and even heard frogs chirping for a mates. Poor critters couldn't take the ice and snow that happened after the warm week so they vanished. Come on Mother Nature.... Get it together! 😆

                                            PLEASE READ.... 

 I love what I do..I love being creative and using my art talent to bring joy to others and being a part of your celebrations but I take care of my dad and need to set time aside for his needs and appointments so if you are needing a order placed please do it soon as I'm already filling up for the year! 

  With taking care of him and having a family of my own I am not always able to respond quickly to customers so please be patient, I do everything by myself, I have no assistants. If having to wait a day or two for a response is to long for you I would completely understand if you decided to go with another baker and I can send you referrals to some lovely ones. My family comes first always. Thank you for your understanding and I look forward to assisting you! :)

By Dee

Whimsy Cakes

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