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Terms & Conditions

Please Read


All Sales made by Whimsy Cakes By Dee are subject to the following terms and conditions. Nothing contained within these terms and conditions affects your statutory rights as a consumer. Please read the following terms and conditions and if there is anything you don’t understand please contact me. Whimsy Cakes By Dee does not discriminate nor tolerate discrimination of  

​ Disability, Sexual Orientation​, Religion, National Origin/race/color and expects the same of customers. Customers will be banned from ordering if they chose to be disrespectful to me, my assistant/s(which is my daughter and occasionally my friend) or anyone associated within my baking community.  

                                                                       NOTICE TIMES

The more notice the better!  Typical celebration orders(birthday, anniversary, baby shower, etc) require a 3-4 month notice. I have been able to accommodate last minute clients happily as early as a couple weeks before their order is needed if they are small orders, however there is an additional charge for last minute orders and it is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate to your design due to lack of time to acquire items needed to get the order completed.  5-6 month notice for wedding cakes, however you can check with me for availability if you are not in that time period and if I am able to accommodate you I will. Cake toppers require 3-4 weeks to insure details are done to your specifications if you are ordering them separate. If I can not fit your order in I can put you on my cancellation list as well as send you referrals to other quality local bakers. 



I have raised my prices for this year(2024), If I have given you a price quote in 2023 and you have made a deposit it will be honored for 2024.

  My prices have risen due to EXTREME rise in ingredients and supplies used on orders as well as gas, power, water cost increases.

 My STARTING price for celebration cakes is $80(goes up depending on design), My starting price for smash cakes is $45(goes up depending on design), my starting price for regular cupcakes in regular flavors is $38 per dozen, sculpted topper cupcakes start at $75(goes up depending on design), wedding cake prices are determined by difficulty of design. 




All orders require a non refundable retainer. Retainers/deposits for basic celebration cakes are $20 to hold your spot. Large elaborate cakes AND Wedding orders require a 50% deposit/retainer to hold your spot.  Retainer/deposits are due once a  request is sent, this will secure your booking date and lock in the price of your order.

   Work will not commence until final payment is received. If final payment is delayed your order may not reach you in time OR your spot might no longer be available. Once you approve the document(invoice details) and a payment is made it acts as an acceptance/understanding of my terms of service and is a binding contract between you and Whimsy Cakes By Dee so please ask any questions before making a payment.

    Retainers GO towards the final balance of the order but are non-refundable if you choose to cancel the order completely.  Retainers are meant as a way to save you a spot which means I have turned away other possible orders for your needed date. Having a order canceled leaves me with a open spot that ultimately can't be filled and I lose money.  

    If you have paid for your wedding cake or large, elaborate cake in full,  50% of that amount acts as a retainer/deposit and is non-refundable if YOU cancel your order.

    If you paid in full for your basic celebration cake and have to cancel you will receive a refund of the balance minus the $20 deposit/retainer.

    If in the event a order has to be canceled on MY end(I have NEVER had to do this but you never know) due to illness/injury, family emergency, I will do my utmost best to notify the customer asap of the cancellation. The customer will have the options of reimbursement of funds(including retainer) to find a replacement baker or have me locate a replacement baker to take over the order.   



 If there is a balance on your order it will be due the Monday before delivery or pick up or I will not start your order. Customers are always welcome to make payments ahead of time up to the Monday before the due date with approval. If you are wanting to make a larger payment or pay in full at the time of ordering you are very welcome to do so. If you cancel the order all money paid forward, minus the normal deposit(celebration $10/wedding 50% of order) will be reimbursed to you. 

    If you have an event coming up with a set date and want to place a order now but do not know what you are wanting(design, size, flavors) till its closer, you can pay a non-refundable $10 retainer to "save the date". This will allow you to send me all the details when you have them available and at your leisure. However final details are needed 2-3 weeks prior to your orders due date so that I can have ample time to purchase/order needed items that might be harder to find..late details may cause your order to be delayed.


Payments may be made by the following methods.

PayPal (invoiced via email)

Square(invoiced via email)

Facebook Pay

Credit Card by phone(if you are comfortable)


Prices are subject to change without any prior notice.

                                                    If a quote was given to you prior to the change in prices I will honor the quote!


                                                        ALTERATIONS/DESIGN CONCEPT

Your order is very important to me, however YOU are responsible for providing all of the information and details. If something seems questionable in design I will voice my concerns so your order is completed without problems.  Please be sure to double check your submission before making a payment to ensure you have added correct, detailed instructions, photo references(if you have any)of design wanted. For specific colors needed a paint chip from any home improvement store is a optimal choice. You can send me the stores name, paint company name, color name and number for me to go collect. This will allow me to color match as close as possible. I love doing custom work but when a customer gives me a cake design based off another cake artist's photo that they want me to stick with I really do try my best to produce a cake similar to what is presented in the photograph. I will note that it is impossible to get an exact replica as I do not know their techniques nor do I know what supplies they used to achieve the results so THERE WILL BE differences. It is important to note any changes from the original design needing to be done as I will not be held responsible for lack of information supplied in good time.

Alterations are able to be made up to 1 week prior to your due date(unless something needs to be ordered or a topper has already been completed). Work on your order will start on time if payment is made on time. Cakes are generally done within days of the event/due date so that your cake is the freshest it can be. It is YOUR responsibility to inform me a week before or sooner of these alterations to allow me time to do the change. Whimsy Cakes By Dee reserves the right to charge an additional fee for alterations made that cost additional time/ordering/running around. While every effort is made to assist customers please note that late changes cannot be guaranteed due to the fact that once something has been made it is usually permanent and it is not possible to alter certain things without damaging the entire topper, cake or dessert order.

Be sure that you have read and understood this and provide the relevant information as while I am happy to work with you on your order within the terms stated I will not engage in time wasting debates that delay not only your order but everyone else’s. Any time spent in excess of this will incur an additional charge!



Sugar art, Chocolate toppers & Flowers


You are paying for CUSTOM, BESPOKE, EDIBLE ARTWORK. The materials, costs and skill involved in creating a novelty item from a perishable and difficult to work with substance is tricky and is fragile!


You are not paying for the longevity of the item. It is a perishable, edible, fragile substance and does not have the same properties as hard clay or porcelain. Sugar absorbs moisture from the atmosphere causing it to deteriorate, lose its shape, wilt or droop if not stored in the right conditions. Sugar will also melt or droop if exposed to direct heat e.g. from heaters/heat vents or sunlight etc. Light of any type will cause certain food colors to fade particularly pinks, browns, purples and reds. Thin pieces also become brittle and can break or wilt.


Should you receive or collect the item prior to the event it is your responsibility to make sure it is kept in the right conditions. Not doing so will result in damage. It's longevity is your responsibility and depends entirely on your treatment of it. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the workmanship of the decorator. I am not responsible for damage to any items once they have left my possession, if damage occurs and you need me to fix it(and I have time) it will be at the expense of the customer.


If you wish to keep the item as a memento that is your personal choice. It is not made or guaranteed for that purpose however if kept in the right conditions it can last a very long time. That rests entirely on your treatment and storage of it. Ensure that you keep them in a cool, dark/shady, dry and moisture free environment such as an airtight plastic container(display box from Micheal's/Hobby Lobby works great), a glass cabinet out of direct sunlight and heat or in a box in a cupboard with a desiccant pack.

If you want a longer lasting item you should order an item made of Clay, please inquire for pricing.



 Wedding cake customers are responsible for providing an appropriate and secure table and environment for the cake/desserts.   All cakes in general can be heavy and require a sturdy table/cake stand, and optimal room temperature of 75 degrees or below. Cakes need to be stored in a cool dry place, away from sun, until the event or refrigerated. Whimsy Cakes By Dee will go over all precautions with customers and check over the cake/dessert display(if delivery/set up is requested) for any issues prior to placing the cake/desserts. If there is a problem I will do my best to alert the person in charge and fix/remedy the issue prior to placing the cake/desserts on the table. Whimsy Cakes By Dee is not responsible for any damage to the cake/desserts after setup is completed, checked/signed off and Whimsy Cakes By Dee has left.

   All fresh flowers provided by Whimsy Cakes By Dee are safely wrapped in floral tape or stem dipped in food wax prior to being placed into/onto the cake/dessert. If fresh flowers are being provided by customers through their florist they should be wrapped by the florist or inform Whimsy Cakes By Dee prior to event so they can bring the needed supplies to prep the floral work. You acknowledge that fresh flowers are not a food product, and may contain pesticides, insects, dirt, or other contaminants and must notify your guests.

   Our products may contain or come into contact with milk, wheat, nuts, soy, and other allergens. You agree to notify your guests of this risk and hold us harmless for allergic reactions.

                                                               Storing the top of your wedding cake directions:

              Place your top tier or portion of cake you wish to save into the freezer, unwrapped/uncovered for 3 hours OR till solid. This will ensure that the cake keeps it's shape.

              Take the cake from the freezer and quickly wrap it while hard/firm in Saran Wrap/cling wrap, squeezing out any air while wrapping it. Air is what causes freezer burn so eliminate air and you will eliminate freezer burn. Keep wrapping it with the plastic wrap till you have it pretty thick. 

              Then take a roll of tinfoil and do the same thing. The foil will double protect the cake from frost and burn damage.

    It might look funny with a giant ball of foil in your freezer but it works..promise!

 For cake cutting tips please see my Cake Sizing link on my Cake Flavors page. 



I deliver to local and surrounding areas for a fee. Delivery costs are currently $1.50 per mile to event/recipient. I pay my personal cake handler who accompanies me when a large, delicate cake needs extra looking after. I also use a CakeSafe for larger cakes. If the delivery costs are more than you would like to spend but traveling is also not to your liking I can always meet at a safe halfway point.  After your item is delivered, you the customer, will be responsible for any damage or deterioration that may occur. These items are delicate. You need to take care of them. Delivery is highly recommended for Tiered/delicate cakes. When delivering or meeting up with a customer I try my best to make it on time. In the event that I my arrival is severely late All delivery costs will be reimbursed. 

  If your item is collected by you - you are responsible for its safe journey care and storage. Your vehicle should have it's air conditioning on full blast! DO NOT LEAVE A CAKE ALONE IN A CAR!! A vehicle warms up fast even on a cool day. If you have to stop by a store to grab should be done before picking up a cake or leave someone in the vehicle with air conditioning left on. Ensure you store it correctly to avoid damage prior to your event. Place your cake on the flattest surface of your vehicle, seats are not ideal or recommended for transport as a tiered cake WILL collapse and even a small cake can slide off it's cake board! It is ok for family/friends to hold the cake but they should have a buffer(blanket,coat, towel) on their legs where they place the cake box. It will keep their body warmth from warming up the cake to cause problems with the structure. Upon picking up orders, customers are shown their orders as to see they are damage free. All tiered orders will need to be signed off(release of liability)at pick up with care instructions.  If your item/s deteriorates or becomes damaged during transport it is due to incorrect storage and handling(going around corners to sharp, quickly stopping, too warm of a vehicle), Whimsy Cakes By Dee is not liable for any damage to cakes once they have left Whimsy Cakes By Dee's hands. When choosing to pick up please try to arrive on time. If something comes up and you need to pick up at a different time than what is schedules please let me know ASAP so I can reschedule it during a time that I will be available. I do not take unannounced visitors to my home and we live in a gated community so if you arrive super early...or super late without letting me know you may find me out on a very long delivery and you will have to wait for my return to pick up/receive your order. 

  I do not ship orders and apologize for that inconvenience. 


The privacy of my customers is important to me – all orders are treated in strict confidence. Whimsy Cakes By Dee is fully committed to the promotion of high standards in the handling of personal information and in order to facilitate the protection of the individual’s right to privacy. To ensure this:

We will keep your records in a secure area;

These records will be accurate and up to date;

We do not share your information with any third party;

We do not keep your records any longer than necessary;

We do not use the information given to carry out credit checks;

You have the right to inspect your own records at any time.

By Dee

Whimsy Cakes

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