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Welcome to the New Year

As i'm sure you have noticed, the hustle and bustle of last year kept me so busy it made it impossible to upload new cakes let alone sit and write on my blog...but I told myself that I really want to try and keep up on it, for you, my inquisitive audience (taps on the glass)..if anybody is out there?

So as I sit here, working on uploads, I happen to look back in my gallery and it's pretty crazy how far I've come in this crazy baking adventure. I'm certain you've noticed from my early cake to my now cakes....but let me share with you one of my VERY first cakes I made for my daughter's 2nd birthday.

If you guessed Disney's Little are correct! Was it hard to figure it out?

This cake was a tad bit of a disaster...not just on how it looked but all the elements were against me that HOT June day. Which is why it looks like it is melting right on the tray. I barely remember this's true when they say that sometimes your brain blocks out the emotional disasters in your life. Thanks brain! LOL

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