It's a question about pricing..

"Why don't you put prices on your cake you show" seems to be the #1 question I get....and in answering this here I hope to demystify this question...but if I don't well then it will remain my #1 question..and I will continue to answer it. :) I don't put prices on my cake photos simply because cake prices typically change with each customer who inquires about them. ..see how easy that was!?! I guess I could put a marginal price range on a cake but I think it could still be confusing for people..thinking they are going to get a high detailed, 3 tier cake for $60,  (believe me..people have thought that) and get dissapointed when I tell them the actual price of thier cake..but thats because they

February has been the month for baby cakes.

This month I have gotten to do some cute baby smash cakes....who doesn't love a baby with sweet frosting all over, smiling and giggling for photos!?! I think the stack of pancakes smash cake has got to be the cutest idea...and Lumberjack themed baby parties seem to be all the rage lately. The first photo was taken without syrup and butter pats as I did not know how the syrup was going to effect the fondant. The second one is one the client took after placing the items onto the cake.

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