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January was a busy month!

There were plenty of birthdays this month making for a very messy kitchen. My floor was sticky and well loved by my sweet, googly eyed Boston Terrier who worked better than my mop to lick up frosting and cake crumbs happily before being shooed away.

On this journey I have been having a blast, even with it's ups and downs of cracking fondant, crumbling cake and runny fillings but one thing that I have found that has helped me immensely is tons of note taking..before and after to reflect on. I love taking notes and making diagrams of lines pointing to this and that with color ideas and shape matching, it makes me feel calm...weirdo me eh? However I also get crabby when all that carefully planned out idea just does not work in my favor and I end up with a mess on my hands. The family is happy as they get to eat my mistakes..which makes me wonder if they are secretly sending a cake disaster voodoo curse on me!

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